This island nation of East Asia located in the Pacific Ocean is officially called the Nippon Koku, which means State of Japan. The neighboring countries of North Korea, South Korea, Russia and China are located west of Japan. The islands of Japan lies east of Sea of Japan, and the East China Sea is situated to its south and the Philippine Sea to its southeast. Japan comprises 6852 islands, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido are the largest and prominent islands of Japan. In fact, about 80% of Japan’s population lives on Honshu Island. The islands of Japan lies between 24° and 46°N Latitudes and 122° and 146°E longitudes covering a total area of 377,955 sq. km. Japan is the sixty second largest country of the world. It has a coastline of 29, 751 km long with no land boundary.

Japan lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire, it has 108 active volcanoes and is highly prone to volcanoes, Tsunamis and earthquakes. Tokyo the capital city of Japan is one of the prominent economic centers of the world. In fact, economically Japan is one of the world’s strongest economies. Climatically Japan has largely temperate climate.

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