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Vientiane delivers a relaxing riverside break where one of the best things you can do is grab a drink and enjoy the sun’s spectacular show as it sets over the Mekong. Despite being the largest city in Laos and the hub of commerce and administration, Vientiane is still refreshingly laid back. >> Luang Prabang The city

Luang Prabang

The ancient town of Luang Prabang situated in northern Laos, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. Considered by many travellers and writers as being the heart of Laotian culture, the tiny town is encircled by mountains and is 700 metres above sea level at the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong

Songkran 2016 in Bangkok

Having fun is a big part of Thai culture, and having fun amidst scorching heat is no exception. The hottest month of the year, April sees the entire country go bananas in friendly water fights and street parties that last nearly a week. During Songkran, most office buildings, banks as well as family-run shops and

Bangkok Train Station

Hua Lamphong, or Bangkok Train Station, is the main terminal to northern, eastern, northeastern and southern Thailand. It connects with the MRT underground system and features a distinct half-dome structure, designed by an Italian architect Mario Tamagno in an Italian neo-renaissance style. Bangkok Train Station has a simple layout. The entrance leads directly to the


Thiep Nguyen

Budget Vacations in Asia

From the jungle-fringed beaches of Southeast Asia to the wide expanses of the northern deserts, the continent of Asia offers a wide range of possible vacation destinations for budget travelers. And although the urban centers in some countries in Asia like Japan, China and Korea are as expensive as in Europe or North America, budget-minded

Famous Rainforests in Asia

Tropical rainforests cover the Amazon Basin, much of Central America, the Congo and parts of Central Africa, northeastern Madagascar, northeastern Australia, parts of India and much of Southeast Asia. All told, rainforests account for around 6 percent of the world’s surface and harbor unusual animals and plants. In Asia, rainforests are places of solemn wonder,

Festivals in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, which is south of China, east of India and north of Australia, has long been an alluring region for tourists. This diverse region seemingly has it all: delicious and sophisticated cuisine, a strong tourist infrastructure that makes it cheap and easy to travel throughout the region, first-rate beaches, complex, rich cultures and fast-moving,

Introducing Thailand

Location, Geography & Climate Thailand is the geographical heart of Southeast Asia. The infamous golden triangle, located at the nation’s northernmost point, is where Thailand’s borders meet those of both Laos and Myanmar (Burma). The border with Myanmar continues to the west and then south as far as the Malay peninsula, much of which is

Dubai Introduction

The Emirate of Dubai is the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates but has the biggest population at over 2.1 million inhabitants. Size has been synonymous with Dubai as it continues to build the first, largest and the biggest constructions in the world. Dubai’s dynamics are always transient and ever-changing with its constant